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Moving Retail Communications Beyond the Headset

Complete Retail Headset System with AI assistance that connects store associates and increases customer conversions

Improve Your In-Store Experience
by Leaps and Bounds with:

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increase in sales

Empower shop assistants to provide quick and personalized service that converts visitors into shoppers and shoppers into loyal customers.
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decrease in training time

With an AI Assistant delivering knowledge on demand, free your frontline workers to learn on the job and at their own pace, providing you with product experts in half the time.

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reduction in shrink

Protect your bottom line with AI theft detection that tracks suspicious gestures and sends alerts directly to your x‑hoppers headsets, helping you stop theft in its tracks.
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2023 Frost & Sullivan
New Product Innovation Award
The Global UCaaS for Frontliners in Retail
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See x-hoppers in Action

Long waiting times, lack of customer‑facing staff, incomplete product knowledge and shrink can all hold stores back from reaching their full potential. Connect your store associates with x‑hoppers and finally offer a great customized in-store experience.
x-hoppers: winner of two consecutive Visionary Spotlight Awards for Best Emerging Technology Breakthrough (2022) and Overall Excellence (2023)

What Our Customers Say

Gemma Stratford
Gemma StratfordProject Manager at the Retail and Change Team, Holland & Barrett
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“x-hoppers has helped in our stores massively with customer engagement, it enabled our colleagues to be able to talk and communicate seamlessly, to meet the needs of our customers in terms of directing them to certain areas of the store to spot customers that may be in need of advice.”

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Fiona Malone
Fiona MaloneStore Director, Tenby Stores & Post Office
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“Since the introduction of x-hoppers, we've seen massive change here. Our staff now feel safer. We've also have detected quite a huge number of thefts. Just before we had x-hoppers we were looking at shrinkage of about £25,000 a year, which is significant for a small business, and that has been dramatically reduced.”

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Simple to learn and convenient to use — that’s how x‑hoppers helps your shop get the jump on in‑store issues.

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Jump Ahead of In-Store Problems and Your Competition

The in-store experience is key to retail success. Even with the rise of eCommerce, options like in‑store shopping and in‑store pickup create the personal experience that wins lasting customer loyalty.
However, plenty of day-to-day issues hold shops back from reaching their full potential.

When retail communication problems pop up, shops have to work against:

How do you leap over all these obstacles?

With the power of a complete retail headset system


Here’s where x-hoppers jumps in

x-hoppers connects all your shop’s employees on one voice channel to ensure your entire team can tackle problems as they arise, creating a more positive in‑store experience and helping you increase conversions.
Plus, x-hoppers is perfect for gathering and generating predictive data in your retail setting thanks to its functionality as a completely integrated retail software solution.
Operating as a complete retail headset system, x‑hoppers goes beyond traditional retail communications with headsets that syncs to a smart communication platform hosted in the cloud. On this channel, every shop assistant is connected to one another while also fully available to receive in‑store call point alerts and even external calls from customers.

Make data-driven decisions

x-hoppers makes managing teams across retail units easier than ever with access to in‑store audio rooms and detailed reports just a click away.
AI Coach

Instant Customer Alerts and Robust Retail Store Analytics

How x-hoppers puts you one jump ahead:

x-hoppers allows you to create QR codes linked to products or store departments, which the x‑hoppers system logs each time they’re scanned. Use these QR codes as no-contact call points to alert sales associates and gather retail shopper data right in your store — the perfect foundation for building predictive analytics in your retail business.

Answer inquiries, instantly

With x-hoppers, employees can contact colleagues right away to give customers accurate information on inventory, policies or any other request.

Theft prevention & reporting

Amplify retail security systems with constant retail in-store communication. Using x‑hoppers, employees can report witnessed or suspected shoplifting right away to more consistently reduce shrinkage.

Immediate security alerts

When shop assistants are in constant communication, your store gets an instant security solution. Employees plugged into x‑hoppers can instantly report potential threats to maintain safety.

AI-powered answers

When you have an AI Assistant integrated into your x‑hoppers solution, you can drive training and support by having all the answers at your fingertips. Deliver instant knowledge about every product, from ingredients or functions to stock levels with a simple spoken question.

Unified customer support

If customers are causing issues, x‑hoppers allows employees to request help from dedicated staff or management.

Call centers on your store floor

Calls to your store can be answered directly through x‑hoppers to let shop assistants act as customer service reps when needed.

No more empty store floors

By hitting one button on their x‑hoppers headset, employees can alert their team of their breaks and ensure there’s always someone standing by to assist customers.

Report damage when it’s noticed

With the convenience of the x‑hoppers hands‑free communication headset, any employee can instantly report damaged products to line up a quick replacement.

Reduce Shrinkage with AI Theft Detection

Keep an eye on your security camera footage at all times. Thanks to AI theft detection software, x‑hoppers continuously tracks and analyzes movement on your shop’s CCTVs to automatically pick up on suspicious actions that may indicate shoplifting or other threats.
Once the system notices a security risk, it issues an automatic alert to staff over the x‑hoppers headsets, adding footage and alerts to chat for easy retrieval. Better than simple surveillance, that brings you reliable, fully automatic tracking of possible threats and breaches.
Simple to learn and convenient to use — that’s how x‑hoppers helps your shop get the jump on in‑store issues.

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Improve retail operations and increase customer conversions

AI-powered analytics and transcriptions of conversations

Managers and supervisors need access to analytics and statistics to understand how to improve and streamline retail operations. Thanks to x‑hoppers’ built‑in analytics system, you can quickly discover who joined the broadcast channel on any specific day, the number of messages broadcast, who was speaking and for how long. Even better, conversations from the broadcast can be recorded, transcribed and stored for further analysis.
AI-powered analytics and transcriptions of conversations
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