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About Us

Leading a Communications Revolution

Customer-facing employees are the backbone of any retail business. Yet, while office staff benefit from cutting-edge collaboration tools and efficient system integrations, their shop floor colleagues are still reliant on outdated, disconnected hardware. Realizing this, our team set out to build a system that was not only an internal collaboration tool but also connected frontline workers to the wider store ecosystem. The result — x-hoppers.

x-hoppers brings the communications revolution to frontline retail through easy-to-use wireless headsets that connect to a secure cloud-hosted communication system, smart call points, store systems and AI features. Powered by Wildix, a global UCaaS (unified communications as a service) leader with nearly 20 years of industry experience, x-hoppers is a complete retail communication system that bridges the gap between the office and the shop floor, finally empowering employees with the information they need to meet ever-changing customer needs and drive sales.

x-hoppers relies on
Wildix technology
x-hoppers uses a range of AWS products and services to power an innovative communications solution built specifically to address the needs of brick-and-mortar retail stores as they face the challenges of today and the future.

The Most Complete Solution

Do you have store associates managing inventory and your supply chains? Connect them to your in-store teams and back offices with Wildix’s complete lineup of handsets, desk phones and other VoIP devices. Since the x-hoppers system itself is provided with the web interface (and mobile app), for staff and customer communication, members of staff can chat, call and conference with other teams — as well as with customers or suppliers — just by using their laptop or mobile phone. And since the whole system is connected, every exchange through the x-hoppers system is tracked and analyzed, with reports and transcriptions accessible through the web interface or via the mobile app.

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