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Meet the Team

A mixture of curiosity-driven professionals and tech pioneers, we’re pushing the boundaries of retail communication.

Ian Rowan

Previously the UK and Ireland Country Manager at Wildix, Ian’s team was the first to dream up x‑hoppers after uncovering a retail client’s unique communication needs. Ian now sets the direction for x-hoppers globally, leading the team with his sharp wit and enviable skills backed by 30 years of industry experience.
Another early x-hoppers architect, Graham is savvy in all things tech, drawing on his nearly 20 years of experience in IT and telecommunications to ensure x-hoppers continues to meet the evolving needs of retailers today and in the future.
Sylvia is a B2B marketer based in Italy who has worked across Italian, German and English-speaking markets. As CMO, she oversees the global marketing strategy and team, sharing hard-won insights with staff, partners and customers alike.
Assistant to CMO
Armed with an MBA and five years of hands‑on experience, Lisa juggles database handling, campaigns and lead management with grace and a keen eye for detail. Supporting the CMO, she ensures our marketing activities run as smoothly as possible.

Kathryn Yarnot

Content Strategist
Pennsylvanian-born and UK-based, Kathryn is a copywriter and content strategist who uses her nearly decade of retail experience to create content that inspires and drives innovation in the shopping experience.
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