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Why x-hoppers

Technology with a Human Touch

Get all the tools you need to train your employees, quickly serve customers and even collect data on in-store shopping habits, helping you work smarter while putting your customers first.

Knowledge on demand with an AI Assistant

Add in an AI Assistant, to provide live answers to spoken questions, whether about stock availability or about the products themselves. Ease training requirements and deliver complete accuracy with an AI-powered solution that’s linked to your inventory management system (IMS) and product database.

Instant buyer alerts via touch-free QR codes for retail

Forget using dusty call terminals that have been touched by many people throughout the day. Transform every product into a touch-free call point with instant alerts to your staff each time customers scan a QR code linked to in-store goods.

Predictive retail analytics on customer engagement

Track customer engagement with your products via the system’s automatic logging of QR code scans, enabling you to build your own exclusive data systems for predictive retail analytics.

See x-hoppers in Action

On-The-Job Training Support with AI Assistant

AI Coach
You can’t learn a whole product range overnight. Even if training is only supposed to last 90 days, it can actually take up to 2 years for an employee to become a true product specialist. And when sudden illnesses and other staffing issues pop up, they can often find themselves on their own too soon, causing them to feel frustrated, give out incorrect information — or worse — leave the business.

With x-hoppers, not only can your new employees instantly reach out to their colleagues for help, but thanks to our chatbot integration they have access to always-on support giving them access to vital information whenever they need it.

How retailers boost customer service with AI

For complex purchases, such as a kitchen, there’s a lot that customers don’t know — especially about product ranges. With the AI Assistant, store associates are always prepared for the most complicated questions even if they aren’t trained kitchen planners. That way when a customer wants to know if a specific induction stove model comes with a plug or needs to be wired in directly, any staff member with a headset can ask the AI Assistant and have a clear answer in a matter of seconds.

If the answer isn’t what the customer hoped for, another quick query to the AI Assistant can produce a list of stoves that fit the customer’s specifications, saving what otherwise could have become a lost sale. Store associates can even ask the AI Assistant to suggest add-ons, giving them the chance to sell the customer pots and pans to work with their new stove, making additional sales for the store and ensuring the customer has everything they need to fully enjoy their new kitchen.

Create a Bridge from Your Product to Product Experts

With x-hoppers, QR codes can do more than pull up a product page on your website. By scanning the link a customer can notify an in-store assistant that they need help or immediately speak, chat or video call a specialist in your call center. And once the chat is open, they can continue the conversation long after leaving the store, giving them access to support throughout the customer journey.

This one little tool can:

Increase your conversion rate by connecting customers with the right person every time.

AI-Powered Analytics

AI-powered analytics and transcriptions of conversations
Analyzing shopper trends is much easier and straightforward for e-commerce. The x-hoppers system extends this effectiveness to physical shops. Thanks to the QR code call system, your store can track customer interest and engagement right in your physical shop. The system tracks and logs every scan to build big data on how your customers are interacting with product lineups and more — all as you conduct business as usual. This is much more informative than simply measuring footfall or POS purchases for shops with multiple exits and entrances.

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