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Licensing: Find Your Perfect Combination

Whether you’re looking to connect employees who are on the frontline, managing a team or offering support, x-hoppers lets you tailor your solution to each of their needs.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We’re dedicated to offering solutions that improve your business. Instead of offering set packages or configurations, we work with you to design an integrated communication solution that addresses your unique business structure and concerns with as many, or as few, features as you need.

Looking for some inspiration?

Every design starts with a spark of inspiration, and here we’ve got you covered. While no two stores are the same, a basic x-hoppers’s set up for a small shop with a dozen retail assistants and one supervising manager could look like this:

Example Package

€/$ 685 a month
And since both software and hardware are included, you can easily scale x-hoppers to fit your ever-changing business, adding or reducing licenses and hardware as and when it’s needed.

Options Tailored to Every Role

Mix and match our different licenses to ensure your employees have all the tools they need.

Shop Floor Workers

From restocking shelves to helping customers choose the best products, frontline workers need a quick, hands-free way to get the information and help they need. With SalesFloorHopper they not only get a wireless headset and access to the internal broadcast but also the ability to communicate with customers through calls, chats, website widgets and virtual meetings. And with event logging and CRM integrations, every call and digital interaction is automatically saved into your CRM, giving you even more data to help you drive store innovation.

Need more support? SalesFloorHopper +AI provides your team with an AI Assistant, allowing them to check stock levels and find product information straight from the headset so they get the right information every time.



There’s no way your leadership can be everywhere at once, but with SupperHopper +AI they can stay connected to the shop floor even when they’re in the office. With access to a dedicated chat that transcribes everything said over the broadcast, managers can see what’s happening in store and review past conversations. They can even join the broadcast from any browser, phone or mobile, allowing them to support their team from anywhere.

To help with performance reviews and training, managers can see detailed statistics on users and trends via wallboards and analytics. And of course, managers can jump into store and access all the same features as their employees, so they can always help out in a pinch.

Main Licenses

SalesFloorHopper SalesFloorHopper+AI SuperHopper+AI
For retail assistants working on the shop floor
For retail assistants working on
the shop: customer service on steroids thanks to
AI Coach
For shop managers and supervisors
DECT headset included
(can be ordered separately)
Access to in-store broadcast chat on mobile app/ web
Incoming calls from customers
(contact center)
Access to wallboard, reporting and stats
CRM integrations: name lookup, caller name
AI coach: generative AI for database/ ERP querying and faster staff onboarding
Notifications on AI theft detection +
footage in chat
Free minutes for outbound calls and SMS
3000 min
1000 sms
3000 min
1000 sms
3000 min
1000 sms

Missing something?

The sky’s the limit with x-hoppers. Reach out to our experts today and discover more licenses and use cases to help you find your perfect match.
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