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From ready-to-use integrations to open APIs, x‑hoppers has everything you need to connect systems, empower staff and boost sales.

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x-hoppers’s series of open APIs, iFrame and webhooks mean the integration possibilities are endless. Whether you’re using software that’s well-known or one you’ve developed in-house, we’ve got you covered. And since our system is based on Wildix technology, we can connect legacy hardware, such as doorbells and alarms, as easily as the newest retail IoT devices.

IoT in retail stores

Keep your store associates in the loop with notifications from self-checkouts, POS systems, smart fridges and other retail IoT devices, helping you reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.

Connecting your store

Save time by sending detailed system alerts to the headset, allowing your staff members to take quick, decisive action. That way when a customer scans an age-restricted item, unauthorized employees immediately know to ask for help, ensuring that customers get the right support the first time.

AI copilot

Connect ChatGPT or another AI chatbot to x-hoppers and help your frontline staff sell more effectively from day one.

Screen-free support

With a voice-enabled AI copilot, store associates can access information directly from the headset without needing a handheld device. Perfect for stock checks and pulling up product information, this tool can also help employees to upsell, cross-sell or sharpen their product knowledge from anywhere on the shop floor. 

Phygital experiences

Notify your team when customers arrive for services booked online. Just connect x-hoppers to your mobile app, scheduling tool and CRM for a seamless omnichannel retail experience that customers will love.

Consistent outstanding service

Make curbside pickup a breeze. Have your customers check in via your app, store kiosk or QR code and your team will get instant detailed alerts, helping you fulfill orders faster. Or connect your scheduling tools to x-hoppers and get real-time notifications on appointment arrivals and last-minute bookings. Whatever you choose, x-hoppers helps you stay on top of omnichannel retail trends while delivering exceptional customer service.

Computer vision

With the power of AI, alert your staff members to empty shelves, falls, line formation or theft, improving security and the in-store experience.

A second pair of eyes

Use your CCTV system to be proactive, not reactive to in-store problems. In addition to notifications over the headset, x-hoppers can trigger automatic messages over the PA system and post video clips to a dedicated chat, so you can instantly investigate incidents at any time from anywhere.


Sales associates can easily handle calls from the headset with x-hoppers’s built-in Wildix telephony solution or by connecting your existing phone system.

The power of Wildix

A unified communication (UC) leader with 20 years of industry experience, Wildix offers full cloud-based communication solutions that work from any browser, mobile, DECT device or VoIP phone. And with full contact center and webinar capabilities to boot, Wildix has everything you need to finally connect your shop floor to the rest of your business. Learn more.

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