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Tenby Stores Limited: x‑hoppers Reduces Shrink and Improves the Employee Experience

Tenby Stores & Post Office is a convenience shop and post office located in the center of Tenby, UK. An integral part of the community, the store is focused on providing superior services and products that serve their customers in unique ways, offering everyday essentials, post office services and local paper runs. The store and its owners have won numerous awards and recognitions, including Overall Best Shop in the 2022 IAA awards.

Tackling Theft and Staff Security with AI Theft Detection


Nestled in the historic center of Tenby, Wales, Tenby Stores’s retail space is long and narrow, making it hard for staff to see each other or communicate.
“Previously we were actually using a doorbell. Quite often that didn’t work and it also meant that members of staff would be left on their own.”
Fiona Malone, Store Director
In addition, theft was becoming an increasing issue, with some individuals threatening violence when approached.

A Complete Communications Solution

The store owners, Vince and Fiona Malone, needed a communication solution that was discreet and would allow staff members to stay in constant communication with each other. Additionally, they needed an automated system that would announce when a suspected theft was taking place, serving as a deterrent to would-be thieves.
x‑hoppers delivers on both objectives through a combination of push-to-talk headsets and AI theft detection. Connected to the store camera system, the AI system monitors suspicious gestures and sends out notifications both to the headsets, alerting store associates, and through the PA system, warning potential shoplifters without putting staff in harm’s way.
However, as a small business owner, Fiona particularly appreciates the mobile app, which lets her connect to her store at any time from anywhere.
“My favorite feature is the app. So the app gives me real-time information and it also gives me great peace of mind. Because I can pick up any live conversations that are happening, identify any training needs and also view any footage that is coming across as theft,” shared Fiona.


“Since the introduction of x‑hoppers we’ve seen massive change here to actually make our staff’s lives better,” revealed Fiona. “We’ve seen better communication, our staff feel safer and we also have detected quite a huge number of thefts.”
Beyond just detecting thefts, the store has also seen a reduction in stock loss. Fiona noted that “just before we had x‑hoppers we were looking at a shrinkage of around £25,000 a year, which is significant for a small business, and that has been dramatically reduced.”
Would she recommend x‑hoppers to other retailers? For Fiona, it’s a resounding yes. “I would definitely recommend working with Solaas and working with x‑hoppers.” The system, “makes me feel safe, it makes our staff feel safe and it makes our customers feel that they’ve been served well.”

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