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x‑hoppers Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Winning Frontline Retail Solution for 2023 Best Practices Award

x-hoppers recognized by Frost & Sullivan as winning frontline retail solution for 2023 Best Practices Award
Columbus, OH – January 10, 2024 – Wildix’s x‑hoppers today announced it has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Global New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan for its visionary product. This award recognizes x‑hoppers as a trailblazer in the retail sector, uniquely blending AI technology with sophisticated headset systems to redefine industry standards.
This accolade from Frost & Sullivan for our x‑hoppers solution is not just an honor but a validation of our efforts to revolutionize retail communication. The Frost & Sullivan recognition validates our innovative journey with x‑hoppers, merging AI with UC&C to meet the dynamic needs of retail. Our focus remains on creating user‑centric, technologically advanced solutions that genuinely transform retail communication.
Sylvia Hölzl, marketing manager, x-hoppers
Sylvia Hoelzl
Marketing Manager, x‑hoppers
x‑hoppers is a paradigm shift in retail communication, combining wireless headsets, smart call points and AI‑powered features. This pioneering and exclusive amalgamation transcends traditional methods, not only enhancing team collaboration and customer service but also significantly boosting in‑store conversions, addressing the ever-evolving demands of the retail industry.
Recognizing the unaddressed needs, Wildix has developed its highly innovative x‑hoppers retail communication solution to connect retail store associates and improve customer interactions. The cloud‑based x‑hoppers application offers multiple capabilities to enhance internal communications among employees and external interactions with customers, as well as to gain additional insights into employee performance and customer engagement with products.
Robert Arnold, Industry Director, Connected Work Research
Robert Arnold
Industry Director, Connected Work Research
A Frost & Sullivan’s survey shows that improving customer experience is a top priority for 84% of retail organizations, with 79% emphasizing the importance of empowering frontline workers. x‑hoppers’ unique solution aims to meet and solve these needs by enhancing retail communication and customer engagement.
According to the report, x‑hoppers has been lauded for its exceptional performance, reliability and user-friendliness. The solution is driving considerable investment interest in retail technologies, noted for increasing operational efficiency by up to 30% in retail environments, addressing key challenges identified by 31% of industry decision-makers.
One of the standout features of x‑hoppers is its AI‑driven capabilities, including an AI Coach that drastically reduces training time, equips staff with superior customer service tools and features AI theft detection that proactively curtails retail shrinkage. x‑hoppers is poised to further strengthen its market position and expand its footprint in the retail industry, addressing diverse needs from operations to HR and Loss Prevention, thereby solidifying its solution as an indispensable ally in retail success.
This recognition from Frost & Sullivan marks a pivotal milestone for x‑hoppers, showcasing its commitment to evolving with the retail industry’s needs. x‑hoppers is more than a product; it’s a revolution in retail communication, redefining industry standards.

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