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Wildix to Revolutionise the Retail Sector With AI and Unique Vertical Solution

Retail Revolution With x-hoppers

Unified communications company announces x‑hoppers release at its EMEA Partner Day

Tallinn, Estonia — July 5, 2023 — Wildix, the developer of the first WebRTC browser-based communications system, has announced the formal release of its retail vertical solution, x‑hoppers at its EMEA Partner Day. It follows extensive trials of the solution across retailers.
x‑hoppers is focused on taking retail communications beyond the headset. Instead of simply being an internal communications tool, it adds in PBX functionality to ensure customers can reach contact centers and other stores to provide product-specific specialists on demand via QR codes or in‑store tablets
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Wildix team
This enables both enhanced communications within the store and opportunities for upselling and establishing customer trust and good relationships managed centrally. In addition, x‑hoppers has integrations with AI cameras, such as Veesion, to deliver automated monitoring solutions more effectively and alerts staff when theft is detected. It’s also easy to integrate into POS systems, notably self-service tills, so customer service staff can monitor systems effectively.
It’s a pleasure and an honor to receive this recognition for Wildix, especially as we have now launched x‑hoppers worldwide. The Wildix way has always been to innovate, and we’re excited to see how our latest systems will bring about better ways for end-users to land sales.
Steve Osler, CEO and founder of Wildix
Steve Osler
CEO and founder of Wildix
Retail clients using the solution include Holland and Barrett and Rexel in the UK, and multiple companies are currently testing the solution to see how it works for them.
We are confident that we can take a significant chunk of the retail market with the enhanced communications available through the x‑hoppers platform. Our partners now have the tools to enter this vertical, and they’ll develop long-standing relationships with these enterprise accounts, helping them grow further in this hyper-competitive marketspace.
Emiliano Tomasoni - SMO at Wildix
Emiliano Tomasoni
CMO of Wildix
The Wildix EMEA Partner Day brought together Wildix’s partners from throughout the EMEA region for knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. Hosted in historic Tallinn — Wildix’s base of operations — the event also featured expert-hosted panels discussing essential new strategies in sales, marketing and tech, as well as celebratory dinners and award ceremonies.
Source: wildix.com

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