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x-hoppers gives your teams all the tools they need to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations and retail trends. With native AI assistance and the flexibility to integrate with almost any system, x‑hoppers ensures your staff is always in the loop and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

Finally Put Your Customers First

Communication is the foundation of good customer service.
With x-hoppers, your store associates can instantly connect to colleagues or an AI Coach,
helping them answer questions faster and sell smarter.
So let us show you how with x-hoppers you can:
Increase sales by 35% or more
Cut staff training time in half
Reduce shrink by up to 60%

Wildix UK Limited

Rolt House,
Coventry Canal Basin,
St. Nicholas Street, Coventry,
West Midlands, CV1 4LY
VAT ID: 276226491
Phone: +44 330 056 3634

Wildix Inc.

800 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: +1 614-484-1500

Wildix OÜ – Holding Company

Laeva tn. 2,
10111, Tallinn, Estonia
VAT ID: EE 101984698
Phone: +372 (61) 89586
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