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April 24–25, 2024

Meet x-hoppers at the Retail Technology Show 2024 and discover how our AI-fueled retail headset solution is revolutionising retail communications, helping you increase sales, decrease training time and reduce shrink.

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increase in sales
decrease in training time
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reduction in shrink

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Connect Retail Assistants and Increase In‑Store Conversions.
Join us to learn more about x‑hoppers and discover why retail needs a communications revolution.

CEO - Ian Rowan

About x-hoppers

x‑hoppers is a complete retail communication solution that combines wireless headsets, smart call points and AI-powered features to improve customer experience. Powered by Wildix, a leading UCaaS vendor with 20 years of industry experience, x‑hoppers connects store associates to a secure broadcast where they can instantly collaborate and receive incoming calls and notifications, including AI theft-detection alerts, to streamline processes and reduce shrink. With over 250 integrations, including an AI Coach, x-hoppers cuts training time in half and equips shop assistants with all the tools they need to provide an outstanding in-store experience.

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