Connecting your staff and customers with intuitive retail communications
Customer expectations have changed. Now that consumers can find and order anything with a click, they need a good reason to enter your shop. And whether it’s instant availability, personal service or to touch and feel a display, a consumer whose experience fails to meet expectations will go to a competitor — sometimes for good.
With margins squeezed and staff harder to attract and retain, creating the retail experience your customers crave may seem unattainable. But you can jump over these challenges with x-hoppers.
More than Just Headsets
x-hoppers is a complete retail communication solution that does more than connect colleagues through wireless headsets: it bridges the gap between your knowledgeable staff and customers wherever they are in the customer journey.
It offers:

Create a Bridge from Your Product to Product Experts

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Create a Bridge from Your Product to Product Experts
With x-hoppers, QR codes can do more than pull up a product page on your website. By scanning the link a customer can notify an in-store assistant that they need help or immediately speak, chat or video call a specialist in your call center. And once the chat is open, they can continue the conversation long after leaving the store, giving them access to support throughout the customer journey.

This one little tool can:

Increase your conversion rate by connecting customers with the right person every time.

Give your customers service on their terms and watch your in-store sales grow

Stop Theft to Reduce Shrink by up to 60%
Theft is on the rise. And with increasing running costs it’s getting harder and harder to absorb. Protect your margins and reduce shrink by up to 60%, all with the help of Veesion AI and x-hoppers.
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Stop Theft to Reduce Shrink by up to 60 percent
Our exclusive integration uses Veesion software to:
Let Veesion and x-hoppers be your eyes and ears so you can get the jump on shrink.
On-the-job Training Support
You can’t learn a whole product range overnight. Even if training is only supposed to last 90 days, it can actually take up to 2 years for an employee to become a true product specialist. And when sudden illnesses and other staffing issues pop up, they can often find themselves on their own too soon, causing them to feel frustrated, give out incorrect information — or worse — leave the business.

With x-hoppers, not only can your new employees instantly reach out to their colleagues for help, but thanks to our chatbot integration they have access to always-on support giving them access to vital information whenever they need it.
Just upload your product information to our OpenAI ChatGPT integration and empower your employees to:
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Empower your staff to create a stand-out customer experience with x-hoppers


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x-hoppers revolutionises in-store experience

x-hoppers has been named as a Best Emerging Technology Breakthrough by the 2022 Visionary Spotlight Awards.
“x-hoppers has helped in our stores massively with customer engagement, it enabled our colleagues to be able to talk and communicate seamlessly, to meet the needs of our customers in terms of directing them to certain areas of the store to spot customers that may be in need of advice.”
Jemma Stratford
Project Manager at the Retail and Change Team, Holland & Barrett
“We would absolutely recommend x-hoppers to other retailers, it has enabled Holland & Barrett become more flexible with their communication.”

Jason Dawes
Delivery Manager at the Change and Tech Team, Holland & Barrett
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